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Published: 1st September 2021

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2021). Tricenturialism. Available: Last accessed [enter date e.g. 1st Sept 2021].


noun  Astroeschatology

the assertion that the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos must have begun by midway through the twenty-third century or else the Degradation of humanity will commence.


Tricenturial | trʌɪsɛnˈ tjʊərɪəl | adjective
Tricenturialist | trʌɪsɛnˈ tjʊərɪəlɪst | adjective & noun
Tricenturialistic | trʌɪsɛnˈ tjʊərɪəlɪstɪk | adjective
Tricenturially | trʌɪsɛnˈ tjʊərɪ(ə)li | adverb


Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix tri- is used here to denote “three” or “third” while the word centurial denotes a century; with the addition of the suffix -ism denoting “a formalised belief”, the result is “the belief that the scope window will closure sometime before the beginning of the 23rd century.”

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